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середа, 24 лютого 2016 р.

ORORO.TV. Learn english with the innovations!

As well as learning the individual sounds,  listening activities must include work on rhythm, stress and intonation in English. In fact, a lack of awareness of the rhythm and stress of English, creates listening difficulties. Often, when students complain that English speakers talk too fast, it is really because they have no training in how the rhythm and stress of English work. Therefore, teaching English pronunciation is a vital part of  listening. 

Another difficulty students have with listening is a lack of vocabulary, especially when colloquial language is used. This, of course, has no fast remedy. Lots of reading for pleasure, listening and esl vocabulary work will eventually produce results here. The following activities are mostly for children. 
ORORO.TV- is an interesting site for developing the listening activity of the pupils. You can find many TV shows,films and videos there.
Learn english with the innovations!

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